I Won’t Shop For Clothes Until I Lose My Belly Fat

I must lose weight, especially my visceral belly fat, or I won’t buy any new clothes even though I need some. Summer is around the corner and being seen in public in a bathing suit is out of the question. I would be so embarrassed because of my big waistline. I look like an apple on sticks. Pear and hour glass shapes do not apply to my body. I no longer look good in any clothes. My clothes don’t fit!

How about you? Are you in the same spot? Have you tried on clothes lately and found that everything makes you look very round and pudgy? That deep visceral fat surrounding your internal organs is much harder to lose than the subcutaneous fat found under your skin. And, it’s that visceral fat that is giving you such a large waistline. It makes it difficult for your organs to work properly and puts a strain on your heart besides keeping you from being attractive in clothes. Bummer.

Losing weight has become quite a challenge. When I just had to lose weight from subcutaneous fat, it was pretty easy. But losing weight from my intra-abdominal fat takes dedication and good habits. It can be done! First, you must get a good plan. There are a variety of plans you can get online. Second, you must do exactly what the plan says. Finally, you must make healthy lifestyle changes in order to permanently keep off your belly fat.

Don’t take your round stomach area lightly. There is proof that visceral belly fat is dangerous to your health and may even kill you. In addition to making your clothes not fit nicely, it is producing hormones, chemicals, and compounds that are harmful to your body. You and I must lose our belly weight so we won’t possibly have a heart attack or get diabetes as a result of our visceral fat.

Besides eating a healthy balanced diet, you must exercise regularly. Even if you are currently not in the habit of moving your body, you must begin to at least walk for 30 minutes three times every week. There are many other options to accomplish the necessary exercise to lose weight, strip your belly fat, and become fit. Some exercise activities are:

• Swimming
• Yoga
• Playing ball in the park with your friends, kids, or dog
• Running
• Tennis
• Pilates
• Weight training
• Exercise classes

Choose your plan, your diet, and your exercise options to begin losing belly fat and weight right now. You will also get a smaller waistline in the process and be able to have fun shopping for clothes.