Tips for Parents in Shopping for Clothing Essentials for Their Teenage Girls

Most teenage girls are having a hard time shopping for clothes that will make them feel beautiful and confident. Once we hit puberty, we go through a very awkward stage when our bodies change drastically and you go through that uncomfortable transition from a girl to a young woman. Most parents are really not that knowledgeable in dressing up their teenage girls but you would certainly not want your teenager to wear the same kinds skimpy of clothes that they see on TV and magazines. As we all know, a lot of young celebrities are not very good style icons for your children. Most of the time, they are seen sporting outfits that are not appropriate for their age. It is also surprising how young those teenage stars really are because they really do not look like their age.

Now that your little girl is transitioning into a young woman, it is now time for her to update for wardrobe. So what kind of clothing items should you buy for her that is appropriate for her age? Here are the things that you should certainly shop for your teenage girl:

1. Baby bra – This might be difficult and complicated experience for most parents to shop for baby bras for their teenage girl. But parents need to accept this truth. Your little girl is quickly growing into a young woman so she will need something to support the changes in her body. Baby bras are available in all department stores particularly in the underwear section. It will be best if you ask for help from the experts to properly measure your daughter and get a professional bra fitting for your daughter’s needs. There are different styles and colors of baby bras to choose from so this might be an interesting shopping experience for your daughter.

2. Trendy tops, jeans, skirts, dresses and shoes – Most shopping malls have a lot of shops and boutiques that exclusively sell clothes and apparel for teenage girls. There are also a lot of aisles that are dedicated only for teenage girls. This is a great advantage for you to help your daughter find clothes that she can wear without testing your temper. A lot of parents are very strict with how their teenage girls dress up. Most parents take the conservative approach and buy boring clothes for their teenagers and their teenage daughters will take the opposite road and buy clothes that reveal and show more than what their parents would want to. Compromising will be easier if you have a lot of choices. There are a lot of clothes to choose from that you can both agree on.

Let your daughters show their individuality and personality by shopping for clothing items that they want but just let them know that it is as important to dress according to their age. Teenage years should be fun and filled with a lot of unforgettable experiences. Dressing up like a 25-year-old woman is like skipping the fun roller coaster ride that their teenage life has to offer.

Guides for Shopping For Clothing On-Line

According to shopperTrak one of the reasons why the 2012 black Friday sales dipped as compared to previous years, was because many shoppers skipped the line and shopped on-line. A similar report showed that Cyber Monday shopping of the same year rose by 15% compared to previous years. These reports show that many shoppers are opting to shop on-line.

They are many people who are still hesitant shopping on-line especially shopping for clothing on-line. Their reason being that they would prefer to first wear the clothing item, to make sure it fits them, before they can take the dress or clothing item home. This is definitely a very good reason. In spite of all the conveniences of on-line shopping, on-line shoppers buy every product on good faith that the description of every product is “as it is”. On-line retailers especially on-line clothing store owners make a conscious effort to ensure that every on-line shopper who shops in their on-line store(s) has a very good shopping experience. They always provide very good images and detailed descriptions of every clothing item such as; colors and sizes of women’s dresses, ladies church suits, pants,women’s tops and blouses, men’s suits, men’s dress shirts, and other men’s clothing items. The same information is available for infants’ and kids’ clothing. In addition to complete description of every clothing item, on-line clothing stores give information about the material from which every clothing item is made from such as; cotton (as in cotton t-shirts, cotton dress shirts), or polymer as in (polymer sweatshirts), or leather (as in leather scooter jackets), organic materials as in (organic baby dresses or organic baby blankets) and any other information that gives good and detailed description of the clothing item in question. The detailed information provided to customers on every clothing item helps them to decide if they will buy the clothing item or not.

Use Sizing Charts to Choose Clothing Sizes

Besides providing information on the available colors and sizes of every clothing type, on-line clothing retailers post sizing charts for every clothing they sell. These sizing charts guide customers on how to determine the size of clothing they want to buy.

Different fashion designers have different sizing formats. One sizing format for women’s clothing has three main size groups; petit, regular, and women. Each of these three main size groups has sub-sizes such as; petit small (S), petit medium (M), petit large (L). Similar sub-sizes are available for regular and women size groups. Other designers use sizing format such as; extra small (XS), small (S), medium (M), large (L), extra large (XL), 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL. Similar sizing formats are available for men’s clothing, infants’ and kids’ clothing. Whatever the sizing format a designer uses, the chart is always available to guide the customer on how to choose appropriate size that will fit her/him or the child without first wearing the clothing to ascertain its fitness.

On-Line Shoppers Have Access to Variety of Styles and Designs

One of the advantages of shopping for clothing on-line is that on-line shoppers have the “whole world as a shopping mall”. A shopper can make selections from different stores and also from a variety of designs and styles. There are many new clothing designs and styles that may not be readily available in brick and mortar stores in a person’s immediate locality, but on-line shoppers have easy access to these products from the comfort of their homes. For instance from one on-line store, a shopper can find a variety of men’s casual shirts, men’s fashion suits, or European modern style suits, Italian designed suits, denim suits, linen suits, men’s tuxedo, men’s business suits, men’s dress shoes and many other varieties of men’s clothing, including boys’ suits, and boy’s dress shirts.

On-line Shoppers Save Money and Time

The most interesting part of shopping on-line besides convenience is low prices for most clothing items bought on-line. Every on-line shopper enjoys the low price they pay for almost every clothing item bought on-line as compared to prices of the same clothing item bought from brick and mortar stores. The reason for the huge price differences between clothing bought on-line and those bought from brick and mortar stores is that many small on-line retailers do not keep large inventory of the clothing they sell, nor pay store rents, nor mortgage. On-line retailers pass on the savings they make by not keeping large inventory and store rents to their on-line customers, as such making every clothing item a good bargain for their customers. Besides the low prices paid for the clothing items, on-line shoppers save money on gas that would have been used to travel to brick and mortar stores. They also save time, rather than standing on line they use a fraction of the time to search for the items they want and make payment for them in no time. These items are often delivered at their door steps at no shipping and handling cost.

On-Line Shoppers Make Informed Decision before Buying

Shopping for clothing on line is a great way to guide against “spontaneous buying” or shopping addiction. Many people who shop in brick and mortar stores often buy “spontaneously”. They gather clothing without a second thought, like asking themselves if they actually need the clothing they are taking off the shelves. This is the reason why many people make return trip to the stores in order to return the clothing items they had bought. Shopping on-line helps shoppers to guide against “shopping maniac”, as a shopper in the comfort of his/her home has enough time to go through every clothing item and decide if he/she wants the clothing item or not. It is also a good check/incentive to read the retailer’s return policy before completing any on-line transaction in that way an on-line shopper makes an informed decision to buy or not to buy the clothing item in question.

5 Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Shopping For Clothes

Shopping can be fun and rewarding, but there are also times when the entire experience can be unpleasant. Most people can think of several occasions when the shopping experience has left them feeling like they had been robbed or had thrown away good money. There are some mistakes that you should look out for before you go shopping for clothes.

1. Not trying it on

Failing to try on clothes before you buy them can be a huge mistake. The fact is that just because the item looks good on the mannequin does not mean it will look good on you! If you are in a rush, you are better off waiting to shop another day than buying something that might not fit or that you will hate the moment you try it on.

2. Ignoring your lifestyle

Failing to consider your lifestyle when shopping for clothes is a big mistake. You have to make sure that you shop for items that match your lifestyle so that you can avoid regrets. Buying an outfit that you will never wear is simply a waste of money. Before you buy that dress that looks so great, you need to decide if and where you will wear it.

3. What you do not need

Another common mistake that people make is buying items that they do not need. Just because it is on sale does not mean that you have to buy it! You might see an item that you do not necessarily love but you buy it because you are getting a bargain. Another black dress or white shirt to join those you already have and are not wearing, is not a smart buy.

4. Buying an “almost fit”

It either fits or it does not fit but there is nothing like an “almost” fit! Buying clothes that do not fit because you are ‘just sure’ you will lose some weight is not smart. Unless you are buying something slightly bigger so that you can have it altered, you are wasting your money. Remember that clothes that fit will always look best on you.

5. Ignoring your style

You need to know how to recognize your style when shopping. Knowing the clothes that look good on you is a distinct advantage. Think about your lifestyle, your size, body type, and other factors like the best colors. It is important to realize that something that looks good on your best friend may not look good on you.

Make sure that you read the care labels when buying clothes. It helps to have someone with you to offer a second opinion while you are shopping.

I Won’t Shop For Clothes Until I Lose My Belly Fat

I must lose weight, especially my visceral belly fat, or I won’t buy any new clothes even though I need some. Summer is around the corner and being seen in public in a bathing suit is out of the question. I would be so embarrassed because of my big waistline. I look like an apple on sticks. Pear and hour glass shapes do not apply to my body. I no longer look good in any clothes. My clothes don’t fit!

How about you? Are you in the same spot? Have you tried on clothes lately and found that everything makes you look very round and pudgy? That deep visceral fat surrounding your internal organs is much harder to lose than the subcutaneous fat found under your skin. And, it’s that visceral fat that is giving you such a large waistline. It makes it difficult for your organs to work properly and puts a strain on your heart besides keeping you from being attractive in clothes. Bummer.

Losing weight has become quite a challenge. When I just had to lose weight from subcutaneous fat, it was pretty easy. But losing weight from my intra-abdominal fat takes dedication and good habits. It can be done! First, you must get a good plan. There are a variety of plans you can get online. Second, you must do exactly what the plan says. Finally, you must make healthy lifestyle changes in order to permanently keep off your belly fat.

Don’t take your round stomach area lightly. There is proof that visceral belly fat is dangerous to your health and may even kill you. In addition to making your clothes not fit nicely, it is producing hormones, chemicals, and compounds that are harmful to your body. You and I must lose our belly weight so we won’t possibly have a heart attack or get diabetes as a result of our visceral fat.

Besides eating a healthy balanced diet, you must exercise regularly. Even if you are currently not in the habit of moving your body, you must begin to at least walk for 30 minutes three times every week. There are many other options to accomplish the necessary exercise to lose weight, strip your belly fat, and become fit. Some exercise activities are:

• Swimming
• Yoga
• Playing ball in the park with your friends, kids, or dog
• Running
• Tennis
• Pilates
• Weight training
• Exercise classes

Choose your plan, your diet, and your exercise options to begin losing belly fat and weight right now. You will also get a smaller waistline in the process and be able to have fun shopping for clothes.